“Where in the World is Monte, the P&P SIG Mascot?” Answer to November contest

Each month, P&P SIG members try to guess SIG mascot Monte’s location in a “mystery photo” provided by SIG leadership team member Tricia Spayer, who takes Monte along on all her travels. Here is the answer to November’s contest.

Location: Poorvo, Finland
Winner: Bobbi Werner, STC Treasurer and P&P SIG member

I got to travel on a cruise to the Baltic in 2011. One of my favorite ports was Helsinki, Finland, where some of Tricia’s ancestors were from (they actually lived in the arctic circle, but visiting Finland was cool!). Not only did we explore the beautiful city of Helsinki, we traveled a little East to the small town of Poorvo, which was founded way back in 1346! Wow! This town, with its cobblestone streets, was easy and fun to walk around and explore. One of the highlights was the cathedral which celebrates the maritime history of Finland.

Thank you to all who participated in the “Where in the World is Monte, the P&P mascot?” Remember to participate in December’s challenge. Good luck to all!

~Monte Carlo

File photo of Monte, the P&P SIG mascot
Monte Carlo