These books focus on effectively communicating policies and procedures:
  • Writing Effective Policies and Procedures: A Step-By-Step Resource for Clear Communication, by Nancy Campbell, AMACOM (1998)
  • Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures, by Stephen Page, Bookmasters (1998)
  • 7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures, by Stephen Page, Process Improvement Publishing (2001)
  • How to Write Policies, Procedures & Task Outlines: Sending Clear Signals in Written Directions, by Larry Peabody, Idyll Arbor; 3rd edition (2001)
  • Procedure Writing: Principles and Practices, by Douglas Wieringa, Christopher Moore, and Valerie Barnes; Battelle Pr; 2nd edition (August 1998)
  • The New Playscript Procedure – Management Tool for Action, by Leslie H. Matthies, Office Publications, Stamford, CT (1977)
  Compiled by Raymond Urgo. Post a comment to add books.

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