The Technical Writing Machine- A Model for Teaching Writers How to Develop Troubleshooting Procedures

Proceedings-1997; By Thomas F. Moran; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006) This article presents The Technical Writing Machine as a model for teaching students to develop troubleshooting procedures. It indicates the reasons for creating the model and the benefits derived by its use. It presents a diagram of the model and explains the flow and its different components. The application of the model produces malfunctions systems for which strategies for problem solving must be written.

Improving Medical Treatment Procedures

Proceedings-1996; Judy M. Gibbs; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006) This article provides information on the implementation of writing techniques used in a technical field to improve the documentation of procedures of another. The author describes the scenario, narrates the status of the current procedures, and names the protocols needed to enhance the document. The article provides clear examples for enhancing the protocols, summarizes the positive results of implementing the recommended protocol enhancements, and provides a sample of the complete template.

Designing Policies & Procedures Information

Proceedings-2000; By Raymond Urgo; Summary by Maria Christophel (2006) This article discusses the five levels of concern that documentation developers should address when preparing the design of policies and procedures. Level 1: Defines P&P Architecture, and addresses the need to either use/recreate existing architecture or create a new. Level 1: Compares the united or disunited relationship between the P&P documents to be developed. Level 3: presents the extrinsic and the intrinsic approaches for development the content and the effects of combining them. Level 4: describes the Prose-based and the Structured methods for writing and the uses of both. Level 5: refers to individual units and collective units as techniques for communicating the information.